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  It’s all about colors. And the interplay of color and light is what makes good art.

For Rapid City, South Dakota, fine artist Joyce Johnson that is definitely the case.

“Selecting colors, learning about how they work alone, with water, and with other colors, is critical for any artist who wants to achieve excellent results,” Joyce explains.

Joyce started working with watercolors in grade school and over the years her versatile repertoire has expanded to include oil, acrylic, gouache, collage, mixed media, ink, and calligraphy.

An innovative artist whose style and subjects are eclectic, Joyce works with both realism and abstract, always emphasizing design, color and light. Her works include portraits, landscapes, and still life.

Her paintings, found in private as well as business collections, have a sharpness and definition to them that she hopes makes them stand out. Her florals are characterized by intense, vibrant colors and have been described as exhibiting high contrast and voluptuous curves.

The design possibilities of the iris flower inspired her Iris Series (see Gallery). The next series, 27 watercolors of Pasque flowers, was commissioned by a local hospital. Her love of portraits has inspired her to begin a new series on South Dakota people and places, using historic photos as a subject resource. She likes to magically transform ordinary objects into things of extraordinary beauty by the play of light and color.

Joyce has taught art to students of all ages for more than 25 years. “There is absolutely no age limit to painting,” she says. Her students range from those with no experience to those with extensive experience. Classes include color theory, painting techniques, demonstrations, how-to’s in design, help in finding your own style, materials, and a reassuring share of individual coaching.

“I have a need to do something creative,” she says. “I think a lot of people have this need and meet it in lots of different ways. I just happen to paint!”

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